2011-09-08 02:51:53New opinion survey on climate distinguishes views of Tea Party vs. other Republicans
Tom Smerling


A new opinion survey on climate released today by GMU's Center for Climate Communication and the Yale Project on Climate Communication is the first to closely examine differences between Tea Party members vs. other Republicans.

Unsurprisingly, it shows that self-identified Tea Partiers are more anti-climate science, and more closed-minded than non-Tea Republicans.

For example, 78% of Democrats, 71% of Independents and 53% of non-Tea Republicans believe global warming is happening.   "In contrast, only 34% of Tea Party members believe global warming is happening, while 53% say it is not happening."   

Tea Party members were "much more likely to say they are well-informed about global warming" and that they "do not need any more information to make up their mind."

Similar findings were found on most climate questions.

However, regarding certain steps to mitigate climate change, the survey also finds some perhaps surprising areas of agreement.  

For example, marjorities of all groups

  • support more research into renewable energy, such as solar and wind
  • support tax rebates for people buying energy efficient vehicles or solar panels
  • support local regulations on new home efficiency, construction of bike paths and increases in county public transportation.
  • say that "protecting the environment either improves economic growth and provides new jobs or has no effect on economic growth or jobs.'

Interestingly, majorities of all groups say they "trust scientists as sources of climate information."

Taken together, the findings might provide some useful hints to climate communicators who address conservative audiences.

2011-09-09 01:13:14Washington Post Article with highlights from survey
Tom Smerling


The Washington Post on 9-7-11 ran a pretty decent review of this survey on Ezra Klein's blog: