2011-08-25 21:32:32What do SkSers think of this idea? Each SkSer get his own twitter account
John Cook

Not compulsory, of course, but we can set it up so all your blog posts features your twitter account at the top. If all of us are building up our twitter profiles, it opens up more opportunities for social marketing, getting the word out there and when we need something to go viral fast, we can push it out stronger.

Keep in mind, for the cynics, that twitter is not for tweeting about your cat or what you had for breakfast - it's a powerful way to spread and share news. So thought, comments?

2011-08-26 01:46:07
Dana Nuccitelli

Not a bad idea.  I've got a Twitter account, but I almost never use it.  It could be useful for spreading the word abour our posts and such though.

2011-08-26 06:18:14


I am an unabashed Luddite. I will not use it.

2011-08-26 06:56:42
Daniel Bailey
Daniel Bailey

Nor will I.

All my spare time that I have is already put into SkS; any more and I'll have to quit my day job (and as I just got one again, I'm not keen on not having one again for a while).

Plus, I'm too private a person to want to share my stream of consciousness with another.  There's barely enough stream there to slake my own thirst...   :)

2011-08-26 08:29:01Well, it's not everyone's cup of tea
John Cook


The way I use Twitter is I installed Twitterrific on the iPad (the official Twitter app crashed too often) and I idly look at tweets during ad breaks on the couch. So it's a way to fill gaps without it being too much of an imposition on your day. Then by just kicking it along each day, you gradually build up your followers so that when something big comes along, you can use it to get a viral message out. Two examples of Twitter being very useful was when I first tweeted the SkS iPhone app and it went viral and when Monckton led a harrassment campaign against John Abraham and we rustled up a groundswell of support to ensure his university didn't censure him.

2011-08-26 09:57:30


I loathe the idea of having "followers": It brings to mind two images:

- One of the circles of Dante's Inferno, where heretical authors are imprisoned - and shackled to them are their editors, printers, and publishers; and

- Marley's ghost, from A Christmas Carol, doomed to wander the world shackled to his money-boxes and accounting books.

2011-08-26 10:27:02Speaking of A Christmas Carol, I think the words you're looking for, Neal, are 'bah humbug' :-)
John Cook


The term Followers is just semantics - google's terminology of circles is more accurate - having a circle of people whose tweets you're interested in 'following'. I wouldn't get too dogmatic in your opposition - there is a lot of opportunities in social media that we as communicators cannot ignore. Remember that among the public, the most trusted sources of climate information are:

  1. Scientists
  2. Friends and family

Just imagine if we could use social media to combine these two sources - get friends and family using social media to share the messages of scientists to their networks.

Also from a communication point of view, there are various influencers of people's behaviour - at an individual level (their emotions, knowledge, values), at a social level (friends, family, opinion leaders), etc. At SkS, we're mainly targeting the individual level but the most effective communication strategies attempt to hit a number of levels. It's wise to have an open mind about these different approaches and keep an eye out for novel opportunities.

2011-08-26 10:30:10




I don't really use it, but if ihave a reason I will.  Not enough followers to matter now.

2011-08-26 19:31:56Well, if enough SkSers have an account, I'll add twitter links to our blog posts
John Cook

Let's say 6 SkSers.

Speak of the devil, LWEC have just posted tips on Twitter use for environmental groups:


2011-08-26 21:02:19

My account is @BaerbelW, but I currently don't actively use it much. If I do, it is not just for climate related tweets but for other more local purposes as well. If we start using Twitter more for SkS purposes, should we decide upfront what to use as hashtags?
2011-08-27 16:20:31Twitter doesn't have to be for SkS purposes
John Cook

I'm just thinking of adding a new feature to SkS where when you post a blog post (or perhaps also do translations or rebuttals), it displays a twitter button next to your name so it drives readers to your twitter account to build up followers. In fact, it might be best of each of our twitter accounts had slightly different emphasis. First, it makes sense - we're all individuals and twitter accounts are meant to reflect our personality. Second, we don't want to all be hitting the same group of people - diversity amongst our social networks would be a powerful thing.

The benefits of this are for SkSers to build up their social networks, to encourage SkSers to engage more with social media (yes, even the curmudgeons) and to disseminate our information faster and more effectively. If there is interest amongst enough SkSers, I'll take the first step of adding twitter buttons to blog posts but may take it further and develop this into a quantifiable, trackable outreach. We'll see...

2011-08-27 22:57:22


I think it's a good idea - at least if it's not too much additional work for John to implement. Could it perhaps be set up in a way that each author/translator has the option to provide her/his Twitter-ID in the profile? If an ID has been provided, it will then be displayed next to the author's name.

Could the translators perhaps also get the option to add Short-URLs to their translations? We could then provide direct links to the language-versions of our rebuttals and we could use those to spread them via twitter.


2011-08-28 07:00:23
Andy S


I have recently started a twitter account. I was a twitter  Luddite for many years but eventually I weakened. But I'm still a twitter noob and I don't understand all the dynamics of retweets, hashtags, followers and followees etc, nevertheless, I think I'm there to stay. I feared that I would be exposed to an endless stream of trivia but if you pick the people you are following you can get a good stream of easy-to-scan suggestions for reading and news on the environment and whatever.

So yes, John, count me in.


2011-08-28 18:09:02
Ari Jokimäki


I'm already there, and John is my "follower". ;)

Edited to add: it's @AGWobserver