2011-07-16 05:45:32Excellent guide to framing climate and ocean acidification, amongst other things
John Cook

I just came across this gem: http://frameworksinstitute.org/oceansclimate

How to Talk about Climate Change and Oceans (2009). This brief summary draws from FrameWorks’ research on public perceptions of climate change, oceans and other environmental issues over the past decade. This work includes both qualitative and quantitative research, including cultural models interviews, focus groups, media content analyses and experimental surveys. It is further informed by FrameWorks’ judicious attention to the work of opinion scholars.

More generally, the FrameWorks Institute website has many other guides on framing progressive ideas.
2011-07-23 23:08:50
James Wight


“When environmentalists deliver a crisis message, support for policies and programs to address climate change plummet.”

How can we convince the public to support responses to a crisis without conveying that there is a crisis? Are we supposed to pretend there is no crisis because the public don’t want to know about it?