2011-06-23 13:13:31Is it just me, or is Australia's new Chief Scientist somewhat naive?
James Wight


Australia's new Chief Scientist, Ian Chubb, was interviewed on ABC Lateline last night. It's evident that he's new to the climate change issue. What do you guys think about his responses?

2011-06-23 18:33:12
Rob Painting

Not too bad James. Like you say, he appears a bit new to this, so not a bad effort.

2011-06-23 21:40:06


Chubb seems to have good scientific and managerial (hopefully political) instincts.

2011-06-23 21:42:19If he's really only been boning up on climate change for 4 weeks...
John Cook

Then it's a pretty good effort. Tony Jones' line of questioning was pretty annoying though. You'd think he'd know be errrr, having been wise to denier tricks in many precious episodes of his.
2011-06-23 22:22:22


The silver lining was that Chubb was able to handle Jones' queries fairly well - at least from a managerial perspective.