2011-06-10 02:48:53Looking for good metaphor? Check out ClimateBites.org. Feedback from SkS'ers requested!
Tom Smerling


Don McCubbin and I have just put online a new website (beta) -- kind of a "sister-site" to SkS -- to help empower climate communicators.    Our flagship is a growing collection of climate metaphors, quotes, soundbites, and imagery.   (Click on "Bites" in top menu).    For the collection For a preview of "what's coming", click on "Tools"

We're still in the beta stage, and would greatly appreciate feedback/suggestions from SkS authors.   Click on "About" to see the "contact us" field for feedback.

Especially interested in ideas for making it more "user friendly."

Please visit, register, and give us your feedback!     If it's easier, you can simply email me at tom@smerling.com

FYI This site was borne out of my frustration, upon leaving NOAA, of finding "sticky" language, alternative framings/narratives, and slides appropriate general audiences.    I started collecting various "bites" and decided to share with other frustrated communicators! 

Thanks in advance/!

Tom Smerling (dardas)