2011-06-09 09:09:19Bud Ward on communicating climate science
John Cook


Public talk by Bud Ward:


Tom Smerling sent me some quotes re SkS:

“Are you familiar with SkS? 

I would encourage all of you to spend a little time on skeptical science.com.

Look at their rebuttals….  

SkS is done by a scientist, not a climatogist in Queensland…

It is spectacular!   If you are really a wonk, really a nerd… pull out your I-phone and show them your SkS app.    It is spectacular.   Download the app free.   Authoritative, not peer reviewed, but very very good.”

Note - the SkS quotes are towards the end, around 85% into the talk.

2011-06-09 09:30:07
Dana Nuccitelli

Bud's the man :-)

2011-06-09 20:54:26more kudos for John C. and SkS, in Washington Post.com
Tom Smerling


I got that chart from John Cook's indispensable Skeptical Science site, which is a great depot for scientific arguments about climate change (if you think you’ve come up with a novel reason why global warming is all hokum, search Cook's site first). He's lined up the observed growth in CO2 emissions against the various scenarios laid out by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

2011-06-10 13:40:45
Dana Nuccitelli

Thanks, only problem is that John got credit for my graph!  He did tweak it slightly and make it high resolution though (although Washington Post didn't use the hi rez version).

2011-06-10 23:29:56


We will eventually get that fixed.

2011-06-22 03:14:11Credit to Dana1981
Tom Smerling



We'd like to add that graph to the "slide library" (of the best simple, clear, revealing graphics for general audiences) at ClimateBites.

How would you like to be credited?

Tom Smerling