2011-03-03 17:56:04Climate Messaging Guide: very handy little guide for climate communicators
John Cook


This is a must-read for anyone wishing to communicate about climate:


The key message they recommend:


The terms “pollution” and “dependency” resonate as unequivocally bad, and people recognise these as problems and
are concerned. So they recommend phrasing the problem as “A pollution dependent economy—not safe for children’s health, Great Barrier Reef and other national assets” (it's an Aussie document). And phrase the solution as "Cutting pollution and making clean energy cheaper."

The following phrases works well / best

Pollution and climate change

Clean energy jobs

Business responsibility

Pollution-dependent economy

Clean energy economy

Low Pollution economy

Limit on pollution

Price tag on pollution.

Direct charge on pollution

Australians want a leader who will act now to control rising pollution

Australians want a detailed plan on pollution and climate change

Is CO2  a pollutant? Yes, even naturally occurring elements that appear in excess and upset Nature's balance can become pollutants and harm the environment and our health.

We need a detailed plan to change Australia to using cleaner sources of energy.

Make clean energy cheaper quicker

We support a political party putting controls on pollution levels

Australia can be a leader on clean energy like solar, geothermal and tidal power.

Australia should be a regional leader in reducing pollution and changing to cleaner, smarter energy

We should take our fair share of responsibility for reducing pollution since Australia is  wealthy and one of the largest polluters per head.

Replace dirty power stations with clean energy

Australians want smarter, cheaper, clean energy

Australia can set an example to the world / region in clean energy

We can create a cleaner, healthier, less polluted environment in Australia

We need a price tag on pollution so business has better incentive to change to clean energy and clean energy becomes cheaper 

We can create a better future for the Earth and our children

We can create clean energy jobs

We can make clean energy cheaper quicker

Australian industry and government can make clean energy bigger and cheaper while creating jobs

Australians want a plan to reverse our rising pollution in the next three years.


Does not work well

Green jobs

Climate pollution, carbon pollution, climate change

Carbon emissions, CO2 emissions

pay, charge, cost, price, make business pay

Pollution addicted economy, polluting economy

CPRS, ETS, carbon tax, feed in tarif