2011-02-24 09:45:03personal note
Peter Miesler
It occurred to me, we are what we are.

If you come at my stuff from the perspective could I write this, would I allow one of my students to hand this in as a paper.  Ok, I flunk... no argument.  {Although, given an exact assignment I bet I could come up with something that would pass muster. ;-) }

However, we are in a media campaign.  I’ve never tried to pretend to be an authority on science {The closest I get is in claiming to being smarter than your average bear on the topic of our biosphere and climate.}, that’s why my webforum opinions are loaded with links and cited quotes for authoritative sources.  

I am a bit of a tree hugger.  But, an intelligent tree hugger who has been paying closer attention than most for a good half century now... and yes I am pissed at what we have done... or allowed to have done to this incredible planet and biosphere we have been blessed with.  I can’t describe the depth of grief I feel looking at my kids and grandkids and thinking of the world they are going to grow into.

I’m aware that there must be this seething hostility within my words, though I wish I could recognize it better and smooth it out a bit more.  Guess, I’m saying there are different niches along with different audiences, and perhaps there’s a need for a bulldog or two.  But, that only works if you can put the words together well enough.  It’s a reason I love this opportunity to see what the big boys have to say, I am listening.

I’m glad you folks have put up with me and hope you will continue to, I’ll try to be sparing in my posts.

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A SkS point that should probably be clarified.

John invited me into this forum... perhaps because he thought I might actively participate in compiling SkS posts, something I and you folks know I’m not up to.  Or, perhaps, as I hope, because he wanted to give me a chance at exposure to intelligent people.  I would very much like to share future essays, because the feedback is golden.  But, not if they are seen as unwelcome intrusions.

2011-02-24 10:41:21
Daniel Bailey
Daniel Bailey

Personally, I welcome your presence & input.  SkS would be a lonely place if we all were the same.  We each have something to offer each other, else John would not have invited us to participate.

So take heart!  Oh, good and faithful servant!


In this together, we are; united, we must be.



Besides, a great man once said (hell, I can't remember who anymore...whatthehell, maybe Colin Powell or someone):

"Son, if you ain't pissing off some people, than you ain't really tryin', is ya?"


Trust in what you have to offer.  If it pisses some people off, that's OK.  Even if some of them are here at SkS.

So keep on writing the posts.  If you wish, just share them with me:  yooper49855@hotmail.com

In the meantime, please read this: 


Then go and do likewise, my friend.

2011-02-25 05:59:33
Peter Miesler

thank you Daniel,

nice link, good words, and welcome thoughts.

love the smilie


2011-02-25 07:24:55Re: Smilies
Daniel Bailey
Daniel Bailey

Lot's more here: