2011-01-17 07:55:25If monckton's in your thoughts. FYI
Peter Miesler


I started a new thread over at Skeptic regarding good 'ol Lord Monckton.  Hope you don't mind me sharing it.  You know I keep hoping to rouse some feedback  ;-)

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  opening with quotes from other posts ...


"The only venom I hear is from warmists who can't abide his (Lord Monckton's) relentless logic."

"Not to discredit the science...  to discredit CC's tactics here on this forum.
CC might get more traction on this forum if he were to take the high road and not stoop the same level of mudslinging as those he complains about."

~ ~ ~

 Is the message here that I should not call-out a liar because some folks like the story he tells them?

The thing is many people really believe in Lord Christopher Monckton.  As a sort of scientific sage there to expose the world wide Climate Science community conspiracy.  
Watch the guy, isn't it curious how he binds all of his "scientific" charges of fraud around a religious/economic/political evangelical passion?

Watch the man.  He is a superlative political performer but he is also a scientific serial liar extraordinaire, and it can be documented from a to z.
I have overwhelming objective evidence to support my indictment.  So rather than calling me names, why not look this little monster in the eye?
Let's talk a little scientific process in action...... take a look...

To take just one issue...
>>> When is the last time you listen/watched a Monckton lecture?
Give it a try:
But for this little scientific exercise you should also pull up the full text of:
Intended as a guide for viewing with the PowerPoint slide presentation that accompanied Mr. Monckton's 9/14/09 Minnesota Free Market Institute performance...  also as a sort of note pad for adding your own thoughts to.

The PowerPoint is available at: http://www.docstoc.com/docs/13460116/Lo ... ct-14-2009

Categories :

32..... Gratuitous Political Theater
41..... Gratuitous Misdirection
20..... Mudslinging: malicious, abusive, insulting, and untruths
36..... Scientific Shenanigans
19..... Big Issue Claims
17..... Graphs worth Closer Examination
05..... Looking at the Math
02..... Philosophical Considerations presented with a cynical twist
02..... Informative Slides
174 slides

please read on...
... the following lists and categorizes all 174 slides. http://citizenschallenge.blogspot.com/2010/08/unauthorized-sorting-of-lord-chris.html
. . . consider it sample one of a survey - how would you rate Mr. Monckton's performance via his powerpoint presentation?

Also see: http://www.skepticforum.com/viewtopic.php?p=224807#p224807
This AGWHaoxer thing got nothing to do with trying to understand the science.  It's all about turf wars lacking the slightest respect for honesty!