2011-01-12 18:23:14One key to influencing people re climate - friends and family
John Cook


I heard research indicating this in December and it's confirmed by new research:

Forget Becks, it's friends and families who will drive environmental action

It is not ultimately the celebrities who are first and foremost the ones that are going to get us to pull our finger out and actually behave differently, however. What appears to make most difference when it comes to environmental action are the people closest to us. If an entire street obsessively and visibly recycled everything possible, most people would join in rather than being odd ones out. If your group of friends all decided to buy locally produced food you would be statistically more likely to do the same.

I was talking to one of the cognitive scientists at a climate forum, a guy I really respect. He said one way to make a difference is to do what skeptical science is doing - make climate cool. I wasn't quite sure what he meant but this might be what he is alluding to. I'm thinking perhaps social media tools like Facebook and Twitter can be further leveraged to outreach our personal social networks, and encourage others to do so to.

I don't know specifically how to pull this off, I'm just thinking out aloud at this point. Something to explore perhaps.

2011-01-12 19:43:12Marketing the science


How about posting a daily quiz question? "Today's ClimateQuiz question: 1934 was the hottest year on record. True or False?"

Could be on the SkS site or at a satellite.

The concept is to get people thinking in a positive way about climate science. 

The answer could be posted on the following day, with a link back to the relevant SkS article.