2010-12-20 07:16:13Some sage advice from Joe Romm
John Cook


Happened upon this nugget of wisdom from Joe Romm in an email, thought it worth repeating. Always good to keep a focus on what we're trying to achieve:

I will  share with everyone here the big secret of my blogging success, never before told.  At  every moment,  focus intensely on not wasting your time and not wasting your readers' time.  It acts like Occam's razor.

A  primary goal of the deniers and confusionists is to  waste our time on futile efforts trying to move the tail of the Bell Curve.  They are a small group of immovable people and the chances of moving them are small.  It is a Sisiphyian task.

Focus instead on 1)  arming the large group of people on our side with  the best facts, arguments, and analysis and 2)  persuading the equally large group of persuadables.  Not  only is this a far more productive use of your time, but  it is much more psychologically rewarding.