2010-12-10 11:16:06Beyond Awareness, to Action
John Cook


Great article from the AYCC, a climate group here in Australia (I talked at one of their events earlier this year):


CPRS, ETS, RSPT, Co2, UNFCC, IPCC. We don’t win this by talking in acronyms. Megawatts, negawatts, geothermal drills, photovoltaic cells, passive solar, voltage optimization. We don’t win this by being geeks and talking about technology.

We win this by talking about what’s at stake: clean air, clean water, clean soil. The survival of our families, our coastal cities, our farmers, our beautiful country and our incredible planet. We talk about the vision we have of a smart, safe future, and how it isn’t that hard to actually get there.


2010-12-11 06:44:00


Climate change is going to have to be this generation's Vietnam.

and maybe the next's...

2010-12-11 23:17:53
Bob Guercio
Robert Guercio


It's much more than that.  I don't think there has ever been an issue with more at stake for the human race.

There was some speculation that the atomic bomb could have caused a mass conflagration across the whole world but I don't think that was taken too seriously.

Climate Change is without parallel. 


2010-12-12 05:08:49
Daniel Bailey
Daniel Bailey

The origin of that quote is pretty interesting.  Oppenheimer, Fermi & Segre (physicist co-workers) were watching the test blast from a bunker.  Segre, in his book recalls the moment:


In a later interview, Oppenheimer offers up this:


And Fermi, no slouch himself, later came up with the Fermi Paradox.  Maybe what we have before us, GHG proliferation, affects all rising civilizations; left unchecked, rising GHG's lead to carbicide...