2010-11-30 09:44:39Climate Science at the University Level
Bob Guercio
Robert Guercio

This works well for me!

Bob Guercio

The Argument For Scientific Consensus
The strongest argument to dispute the contrarians is to appeal to the fact that the science of Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) has been firmly established by the scientific community.  This argument certainly holds no sway with the contrarians but it is a tremendously powerful argument for the general public.  Most people are reasonable and trusting of scientists; they will not accept the absurd notion that the scientists are in collusion to propagate a myth!


However, this argument is a bit abstract since few people are associated with the scientific community.  "Abstraction" turns to "obvious" when the argument is framed regarding the science that is taught at the University level, which of course is an integral part of the scientific community.


On several occasions, I have successfully used this argument with people who were under the erroneous impression that the science of AGW was still in question.  The argument goes something like this:


"The science of Global Warming has been firmly established by the scientific community as can be readily noted by visiting any science department at an accredited college or university.  Courses are given in AGW and legitimate science textbooks are used.  An example of one of these courses is "Global Warming, Understanding the Forecast" at the University of Chicago using a textbook of the same name by David Archer.  This course is available on-line at




Furthermore, recognized science textbooks denying Global Warming do not exist as would be readily apparent by visiting a college or university bookstore."


This argument will not work with contrarians since Global Warming poses a conflict with their agendas. However, a more powerful argument cannot be made for the general public as I have personally witnessed!


Robert Guercio, September 4, 2009