2010-11-15 21:02:51The Ingenious Ways We Avoid Believing in Climate Change
John Cook


Desmogblog have a good summary of 3 videos by George Marshall, founder of the UK-based Climate Outreach Information Network (whose name freaks me out as I've been reading Merchants of Doubt where the arch-conservative George Marshall Institute features heavily):

Part one
Risk – and why we don’t feel threatened by climate change
Belief – why we can’t just accept the information and need to believe in it
Attention – how avoiding  talking about climate change is like avoiding talking about human rights atrocities

Part two –
Stories – the way we mediate information about climate change. The problem with polar bears and why human rights organisations are more interested in ice cream than climate change.

Part three
Distancing – the strategies we adopt to keep the information at arm’s length
Compartmentalising – how we can accept climate change and continue polluting behaviour
Positive Framing – how we seek to turn climate change into a personal advantage
Ethical Offsets – how we adopt the easiest behaviours as proof of our virtue
Cynicism- the commercial appropriation of climate change images
What happens next? - surprisingly - what happens next