2011-09-08 21:06:41Mt Pinatubo eruption emitted more CO2 than all human CO2 emissions in history
Rob Painting

Rebuttal here

2011-09-22 11:32:15
Tom Curtis


The Mount Pinatubo claim is a version of Ian Plimer's uncited claim that "[M]assive volcanic erruptions (e.g. Mount Pinatubo) emit the equivalent of a year's human CO2 emissions in a few days." (Heaven and Earth, p. 472).  Given that, to quote you, " In 2010 alone, through the burning of fossil fuels, humans released 700 times more CO2 than Mt Pinatubo (Gerlach 2011)",  Plimer's conjecture is out by at least three orders of magnitude.  The denier grapevine has inflated an already absurd and uncited claim well beyond the point of imbicility. 


Your rebutal would be improved, IMO, by including a discussion of Plimer's claim, both to illustrate the uncritical sourcing of information by deniers, and to rebut his claim specifically.  It may also be improved by including the keeling curve from 1970 - 2000 showing the complete absense of a Pinatubo related spike.


Of course, it may be better to keep these more detailed points for an intermediate version.

2011-09-25 16:07:21


I like it as is for Basic.  The message is clear, and repeated  a couple of times. 

The graphic is eye-catching and memorable.  And sticks exactly to the message of the text. 

The stuff about Plimer and his court jesters can come up in other levels.

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"Tim Lambert over at Deltoid, The Australian has"

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