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 2010-08-09-BASIC rebuttal 07_ 1998 is the hottest year on record.html
 2010-08-09-BASIC rebuttal 24_ Water vapor is the most powerful greenhouse gas.html
 2010-08-10-BASIC Rebuttal 04_ _Is Global Warming Still Happening__.html
 2010-08-10-Basic Rebuttal No.3_ Is there a scientific consensus on global warming_ - REVISED.html
 2010-08-10-Basic Rebuttal No.5_ How reliable are climate models_ REVISION 2.html
 2010-08-10-Basic Rebuttal No.60_ Has Arctic sea ice returned to normal_ REVISION 4.html
 2010-08-10-Basic answer for 1_ _Is the sun causing global warming__.html
 2010-08-10-Basic rebuttal for 6_ _Are surface temperature records reliable..html
 2010-08-10-Basic rebuttal for 8_ _Scientists predicted an Ice Age in the 70s_.html
 2010-08-11-Basic rebuttal 2_ Climate's changed before - REVISION 2.html
 2010-08-11-Basic rebuttal 94_ Over 31,000 scientists signed the OISM Petition Project - REVISION 3.html
 2010-08-11-Basic rebuttal for 36_ _It warmed before 1940 when CO2 was low_ REVISED.html
 2010-08-13-Basic rebuttal No. 13_ Al Gore got it wrong - REVISED.html
 2010-08-13-Basic rebuttal No.12_ It won't be bad.html
 2010-08-13-Basic rebuttal for 33 - _It cooled mid-century_ REVISED.html
 2010-08-15-Medieval Warm Period was warmer.html
 2010-08-16-Basic Rebuttal #62. Station drop-off_ How many thermometers do you need to take a temperature_.html
 2010-08-16-Basic answer for 20_ Urban heat island effect REVISED.html
 2010-08-16-Basic rebuttal No.15_ It's freaking cold!.html
 2010-08-16-Basic rebuttal No.16_ Hurricanes arenΓÇÖt linked to global warming.html
 2010-08-16-Basic rebuttal for 17_ 1934 - hottest year on record.html
 2010-08-17-Basic Rebuttal 23_ Sea level rise is exaggerated REVISION 5 herein at top..html
 2010-08-17-Basic Rebuttal No.45_ CO2 levels in the past.html
 2010-08-17-Basic rebuttal No. 19_ Mars is warming - REVISED.html
 2010-08-17-Basic rebuttal for 21_ _It's just a natural cycle_..html
 2010-08-18-Basic Rebuttal 85_ It's not us.html
 2010-08-19-Basic rebuttal 69_ _Humans are too insignificant to affect climate._ REVISED.html
 2010-08-19-Draft post Climategate CRU emails suggest conspiracy.html
 2010-08-20-BASIC rebuttal #31. CO2 has a weak effect. REVISION 6. .html
 2010-08-20-Basic rebuttal 79_ _Ocean acidification isn't serious_ - REVISION 2.html
 2010-08-21-Basic rebuttal 30_ climate sensitivity is low DRAFT 2.html
 2010-08-21-Basic rebuttal 54_ Volcanoes emit more CO2 than humans.html
 2010-08-22-Basic Rebuttal No. 27_ Oceans Are Cooling REVISION 1.html
 2010-08-22-Basic rebuttal 40_ The IPCC is alarmist.html
 2010-08-23-Basic rebuttal 101_ _CO2 is not the only driver of climate_ - REVISION 4.html
 2010-08-23-Basic.Intermediate 29_ Human CO2.html
 2010-08-25- Basic rebuttal #106. Global temperatures dropped sharply in 2007. Call for help on computer related tasks!.html
 2010-08-25-Basic rebuttal 122. _ More Carbon Dioxide will be good for plants and agriculture._ REVISION 3..html
 2010-08-26-Basic rebuttal 73_ The science isn't settled - REVISED.html
 2010-08-26-Basic rebuttal for 9_ _We are heading into an ice age_.html
 2010-08-27-BASIC rebuttal #117. Greenland has only lost a tiny fraction of its ice mass. REVISION 1.html
 2010-08-27-Basic rebuttal 29_ Human CO2 is a tiny % of CO2 emissions.html
 2010-08-27-Basic rebuttal 43 - There is no correlation between CO2 and Temperature..html
 2010-08-28-Basic Rebuttal 65_ It's microsite influences....html
 2010-08-30-Basic rebuttal 32_ We're coming out of the Little Ice Age.html
 2010-08-31-Basic Rebuttal 47_There is no tropospheric hot spot - Updated.html
 2010-08-31-Basic rebuttal 70_ It's not happening.html
 2010-09-01-BASIC rebuttal #50_ It's Pacific Decadal Oscillation (Revised 9.3).html
 2010-09-01-BASIC rebuttal #75_ IPCC were wrong about Himalayan Glaciers (Revised 9.3).html
 2010-09-01-Basic 97_ Climate is chaotic and cannot be predicted..html
 2010-09-03-Basic Rebuttal #22_ Arctic icemelt is a natural cycle revision 3.html
 2010-09-04-Basic Rebuttal 39 _Satellites show no warming in the troposphere_.html
 2010-09-05-Basic rebuttal 25_ Other planets in the solar system are warming.html
 2010-09-05-Basic rebuttal 48_ Neptune is warming.html
 2010-09-05-Basic rebuttal 49_ Jupiter is warming.html
 2010-09-05-Basic rebuttal 52_ Pluto is warming.html
 2010-09-08-BASIC rebuttal #125_ Positive feedback means runaway warming_ SEE REVISION 1 at 11 Sep 2010, 9_47 AM.html
 2010-09-10-Basic rebuttal 104_ Southern sea ice is increasing - REVISION 3.html
 2010-09-12-Basic Rebuttal #10_ Antarctica is Gaining Ice.html
 2010-09-12-Basic Rebuttal_ Glaciers are Growing, rough copy-Revision2.html
 2010-09-12-Basic Rebuttal_ Greenland is gaining ice-Revised.html
 2010-09-13-Basic rebuttal 68_ 2nd law of thermodynamics contradicts greenhouse theory.html
 2010-09-20-Basic Rebuttal 89_ Hansen's 1988 projections were wrong.html
 2010-09-24-BASIC Rebuttal 129_ Breathing contributes to CO2 buildup.html
 2010-09-25-Basic rebuttal_ _Polar bear numbers are increasing_.html
 2010-10-04-Basic rebuttal #66_ CO2 has a short residence time updated w.graphic.html
 2010-10-04-Basic rebuttal no. 96_ The IPCC were wrong about the Amazon Rainforests .html
 2010-10-06-Basic Rebuttal 53_ Greenland ice sheet won't collapse.html
 2010-10-10-Basic 132_ DMI shows Arctic cooling_.html
 2010-10-11-Basic Rebuttal 58_ It's the oceans.html
 2010-10-14-Basic Rebuttal 71_ Has the greenhouse effect been falsified_ - 1st draft.html
 2010-10-21-Basic Rebuttal 100_ Mauna Loa is a volcano.html
 2010-11-03-Basic Rebuttal 46 Scientists Can't even predict the weather right..html
 2010-11-07-Basic 139_ It's too hard.html
 2010-11-11-Basic Rebuttal 42_ CO2 isn't a pollutant.html
 2010-11-25-Basic rebuttal for 11_ _CO2 lags temperature_.html
 2010-12-12-Basic Rebuttal #77. Corrected version. READY TO GO. The e-mail 'scandal' showed that Phil Jones was 'tricking' temperature statistics by 'hiding a decline'..html
 2010-12-21-Basic Rebuttal No. 135- More CO2 increases coral calcification.html
 2010-12-25-Basic rebuttal #143_ Clouds provide negative feedback.html
 2010-12-26-Basic Rebuttal #102--READY TO GO! Trenberth said there was a _lack of warming_..html
 2011-01-01-Basic Rebuttal #103. Carbon Dioxide levels were higher in the late Ordovician. .html
 2011-01-03-Basic Rebuttal_ Plant Stomata Argument.html
 2011-01-03-Basic rebuttal 83_ Ice isn't melting - VERSION 2.html
 2011-01-21-Style Guide for Basic Rebuttals and Technical Jargon to watch for.html
 2011-02-22-Basic Rebuttal #170_ Hansen predicted the West Side Highway would be underwater.html
 2011-03-03-Basic rebuttal 81_ Naomi Oreskes' study on consensus was flawed.html
 2011-03-11-Basic rebuttal No. 160 - Coral atolls grow as sea level rises.html
 2011-04-16-Basic Rebuttal 181_ CO2 limits will not cool the planet.html
 2011-06-08-Basic rebuttal 184_ _There's no link between global warming and extreme weather_.html
 2011-06-15-Quirky Temperatures.html
 2011-08-22-More people are killed by cold than by heat.html
 2011-09-05-Alkalinity already present in seawater can prevent severe pH excursions for periods of thousands of years..html
 2011-09-08-Mt Pinatubo eruption emitted more CO2 than all human CO2 emissions in history.html
 2011-09-16-Basic Rebuttal 197 Underground temperatures control climate.html
 2011-09-28-Basic Rebuttal #199 _ Northwest passage has been navigated in the past.html
 2011-12-04-Does breathing contribute to CO2 buildup in the atmosphere_.html
 2012-01-16-We've been through climate changes before.html
 2012-02-16-Critique of Anne-Marie's extreme weather rebuttal.html