2011-04-01 11:20:29March update on SkS stats
John Cook


Latest update on SkS stats - another record month:

Also, it seemed to me that forum activity has really gone through the roof of late so, never one to pass up the opportunity to plot a graph, I quickly threw together some code to output the # of forum posts per month. There's only 8 months worth of data, but still interesting. There's an initial surge when we had the immensely productive period of outputting Basic Rebuttals. Then there was a lull as we all recovered from that initial effort. But it's spiking again, not from any specific project but from just the general craziness that is SkS these days:

2011-04-01 14:26:02
Daniel Bailey
Daniel Bailey

Eyecrometer Mk2 sees a correlation between the valley and the end-of-year holiday season.

Translation:  Too much spiked egg nog.

2011-04-01 16:12:32sweet
Dana Nuccitelli

We rock!  Email subscribers are above 1260, too.  How's the Twitter following going?

2011-04-01 17:01:47Twitter stats
John Cook


Edging closer and closer...

I still stand by my Aug 1 prediction for when @skepticscience crosses @wattsupwiththat. It's not too late for others to make a prediction on our Betting pool on when @skepticscience overtakes @wattsupwiththat. We'll probably close the pool at the end of April :-)

BTW, would love to plot long-term twitter stats data but you have to pay at twittercounter for excel data, they only supply graphs for free.

2011-04-01 22:10:33Download stats?


Speaking about stats, could you please post how often the guide has been downloaded, ideally for each language?

Thanks and cheers