2011-02-28 14:32:11PDF reports of Monckton Myths and Prudent Path
John Cook


Someone emailed me this request:

Any chance you'll create convenient PDF reports for your multi-part refutations of Monckton and "Prudent Path"? I, for one, would welcome readily downloadable versions of the complete series.

I wasn't planning on it but it's not such a bad idea. Maybe not MM immediately as its ongoing but PP has wrapped up so this would be a good way to "seal the series". I was thinking a title like:

Prudent Path:
A series of articles on the prudent path forward in light of dangerous climate change

Thoughts? Comments? Better subtitle?

2011-02-28 16:21:47good idea
Dana Nuccitelli

I actually thought we were going to do something like that for PP, so I like the idea.  I think that's a good title too.

2011-02-28 18:52:14
Glenn Tamblyn


Packaging a lot of things is a good idea. The problem with blogging is that they tend to have a short shelf life before they are effectively 'lost' to the general audience.

2011-02-28 18:55:15

I agree. Producing pdf documents will help spread the word.
2011-03-01 05:42:46Agreed
Robert Way


Good idea.