2011-02-26 01:26:44Comments on a carbon tax
John Brookes


I know its not strictly science, but could we get an economist to comment on carbon tax/emissions trading?

 I have this weakness which means I hang around skeptic sites, and they are spouting nonsense about a carbon tax.  I guess they figure they have to fight on all fronts.  They are spouting the same sort of misconceptions as they do about the science.  For example they can't see that compensating consumers makes no difference to the reductions to carbon emissions, but compensating producers does.  I think there also needs to be some comment on the difference between a carbon tax and emissions trading scheme, and some evaluation of the governments policies.

I understand the basics, but am not an economist.  I would happily write a post, if someone with an economics background would look it over and fix up any mistakes...


2011-02-26 02:25:33comment
Robert Way

consider looking up british columbia's carbon tax
2011-02-26 03:35:38
Dana Nuccitelli
I've written a few economics blog posts here, but I'm no economist.  You could try over at Real Climate Economics.
2011-02-27 07:56:29
Mark Richardson

The Economist are very pro-carbon tax. Worth looking up some articles in there to get an idea of who writes publicly on this?


And I think I already have a rough understanding of this: most introductory economics textbooks give you an idea of what effects taxes should have (although you need to look at both the micro and macro side which takes a little while). If it 'clicks' though, it makes a lot more sense.

I can't pretend to be any good at it, but I certainly feel like I follow the discussion more easily since I did some economics courses...

2011-02-28 04:53:02comment
Robert Way

I met someone and got his email for John and he is the head of the pacific institute for climate solutions. John spoke to him previously about doing a post on a carbon tax or something and perhaps this would be a good choice?
2011-02-28 18:30:23
John Brookes


Sounds good Robert Way.  I'm a bit concerned that if the public don't understand carbon tax/emissions trading, then they won't support it.  A more educated public might help keep the politicians honest as well.