2011-02-21 08:08:55# of comments each author gets
John Cook


When Rob's denominator post got an insane # of comments (just topped 650 at last count), I thought well, that's what happens when you raise the red flag before Poptech. But I just noticed his ice post also has gotten over 150 comments which is pretty impressive. So I got curious as to how many comments each author gets to their blog posts on average. As it only took a minute to write the code to check this, I created a little stats page:


I'll post some of the list below but a few comments first. #1 Tony only posted one blog post (The 2nd law of thermodynamics and the greenhouse effect) as has John Brookes (Hotties vs Frosties?). So for Rob to be up there with 204 comments per blog post is pretty impressive and testament to his creative style that engages the reader (something we should all endeavour to do):

Author Average # of comments per blog post
TonyWildish 274.0000
Rob Honeycutt 204.8333
John Brookes 199.0000
villabolo 170.0000
D.Salmons 167.0000
Kevin Judd 153.5000
James Frank 143.0000
climatesight 113.0000
Megan Evans 109.0000
fingerprinter 107.0000
Mariana Ashley 104.0000
Peter Gleick 102.0000
hfranzen 98.0000
Ned 89.1667
Jacob Bock Axelsen 89.0000
Bob Guercio 85.5000
Maarten Ambaum 85.0000
Doug Mackie 83.0000
angliss 81.0000
keithpickering 80.0000
dana1981 78.6471
doug_bostrom 78.4286
sylas 78.0000
Anne-Marie Blackburn 76.2000
nealjking 73.0000
Nic Damnjanovic 71.0000
Barry Brook 70.0000
Riccardo 66.6000
alan_marshall 64.0000
mothincarnate 61.0000
gpwayne 57.1739
jg 57.0000
John Abraham 54.6000
Stephan Lewandowsky 53.5000
David Grocott 49.0000
muoncounter 48.2500
Peter Hogarth 48.0000
Ove Hoegh-Guldberg 47.5000
Rob Painting 47.0000
John Cook 45.7015
James Wight 44.8000
Alden Griffith 44.0000
MarkR 42.5000
Anne Young 38.5000
Robert Way 38.4545
Michael Searcy 37.6667
perseus 37.0000
dansat 36.5000
John Chapman 36.0000
John Cross 36.0000
John Russell 35.3333
michael sweet 34.0000
Daniel Bailey 32.2500
Ron Crouch 31.0000
Jim Meador 31.0000
chuckbot 27.0000
Nicholas Berini 23.0000
steve.oconnor 22.0000
caerbannog 22.0000
Chris McGrath 21.0000
John Bruno 20.1250
Ari Jokimäki 20.0000

Note: I did think about developing an "Engagement" metric, a function of # of comments per blog post and the # of blog posts. I also thought I seriously need to get a life.

2011-02-21 20:16:24
Rob Painting

just topped 650 at last count

Yeah, but half of those were from that Poptech idjit.

2011-02-22 04:42:56comment
Robert Way

It'd be interesting to see this organized by views also :P
2011-02-22 07:24:37I knew someone would ask that
John Cook

It only took me a few minutes to set up the page but I figured it was enough time for such a frivolous thought. Ah well, what's a couple more minutes? Maybe later today...