2011-02-19 22:17:28The SkS database of peer review papers
John Cook

There was some discussion about ways to publish a list of peer review papers supporting AGW. In fact, over the last week, a few people have suggested publishing a list of peer reviewed papers. Actually, over the last few years, we've been collecting papers - you can submit papers via the firefox add-on (in fact, I recommend you all submit papers whenever you encounter one - Ari's twitter feed is good for this). So anyway, I just threw together a quick page displaying all the papers in our database in 3 simple lists, sorted by skeptic/neutral/proAGW:


This isn't fit for public consumption yet - a few things would have to happen first:

1. I think we'd have to make our list of proAGW papers more comprehensive, there's much, much more to go in there. The Firefox Addon enables you to add papers quickly and easily.

2. A bit of quality control, especially the skeptic ones (there's probably a few E&E ones in there). Note - you're all welcome to edit this list - look for the edit link below each link.

3. Discussion on how to present this list. Sure, a snazzy flash interactive map is ideal but failing that, plain web pages are still useful. So should we do it grouped by category? By skeptic argument? One idea I'm a big fan of, as an XML feed so others can think of ways to display the data in creative ways.

2011-02-19 22:37:07

I think that the best way is to divide them by categories (global temperature, energy budget, sea level rise, etc.); this is the way I organized them. I find the matching of skeptics arguments harder and not always possible, while, when organized by categories, it's easy to find the paper/s one needs.
Beside the title, at least the first author should be listed.
It's a lot of work but we don't need to do it all at once; it will be a very usefull resource.
2011-02-19 22:56:56The Ville working on flash
John Cook

This is a bit ahead of the schedule I was imagining but the Ville is investigating how to import the database into flash:


2011-02-21 00:32:45Category list
John Cook

If someone wants to suggest a category list, we can then kick around it on the forum then I'll add it to the database. I suggest a category list that can also be applied to blog posts and skeptic arguments. Eg - include categories like "IPCC", "Climategate", etc. And papers/blogs/arguments can be mapped to more than one category.