2011-02-13 16:58:39Working with Treehugger
John Cook


I'm starting an arrangement with Treehugger.com so SkS can repost some of our posts on their site. To put this into perspective, here's the comparative stats (from Alexa) between SkS, WUWT and Treehugger:


Obviously, this is an exciting opportunity to have our content published to a much broader audience - Treehugger have a huge audience. We're starting tentatively - they asked for me to initially email them articles around once per week then we'll take it from there. So I'm going to have a good look at the type of posts they publish at Treehugger and look at what we've got in the pipeline and what would make for good Treehugger material.

It's good to keep building these networks - with the Guardian, Treehugger, Huffington Post. You don't want to put all your eggs in one basket. Hopefully we can continue to build relationships with other outlets too - ideal would be mainstream media without a left bias. New York Times, anyone? :-)

2011-02-13 17:17:58sweet
Dana Nuccitelli
That's cool, TreeHugger's got a good site.  Is this going to start straight away?  Think it's too late to try to get them to publish about Monckton Myths?  Or maybe we could send them one of the recent or upcoming MMs, which would draw attention to the whole series.
2011-02-13 18:57:00
Rob Painting
Very cool. Top work mate!
2011-02-14 09:58:11MM
John Cook

I think the ship has sailed on Monckton Myths at Treehugger, at least to promote the MM page. They asked to start sending them posts after Feb 23. I think I'll start with some general stuff then we'll see what happens. Want to play it carefully and build a strong relationship.