2011-02-10 23:22:45Guardian article now published
John Cook

The Guardian didn't let me know they'd published my article on extreme weather so when I checked if it was online (just before going to bed), I found it was up and already received over 100 comments!


Pity, I was planning to take a leaf out of Dana's book and hang around, defending the article. Meanwhile the fracas has rolled on with me none the wiser :-(

2011-02-11 03:51:20playbook
Dana Nuccitelli

My playbook also involved hanging around the Guardian page so that I saw almost immediately when the article was published.  But it really would be nice if they would send an email letting us know!

Up to 152 comments now.  I'll join in the fracas, and suggest others do the same so the 'skeptics' don't dominate the comments.