2011-02-09 13:33:17New skeptic argument: magnetic polar shifts cause global superstorms
John Cook


I've been emailed this URL 3 times over the last few days:


I haven't looked at it in detail but always reply mentioning how the NH storms are linked to the high pressure system in the Arctic which is linked to decreasing sea ice. But if anyone would like to have a closer look at this and post a rebuttal to the argument "magnetic polar shifts cause global superstorms" (which has been added to the database), you're very welcome :-)

2011-02-09 14:49:41
Daniel Bailey
Daniel Bailey

Polar shifts.  Crustal DisplacementsWorlds in Collision.

Little do they know that we have stretched out our hands and touched the sky of this hollow world...and in doing so, have broken it.


How did it come to this?  Are there truly no real skeptics with credible arguments left?