2011-02-09 12:55:08Climate change quiz

BaerbelW, I really liked your climate quiz. I think an online format, similar to your PowerPoint idea of clicking on an answer and taking you to a "correct" or "incorrect" page, would be fun. The user wouldn't have to download anything, and it would be more interactive.

I think this would be pretty easy to code in HTML with some PHP if statements embedded. I would choose PHP over javascript as SkS runs on PHP, and javascript is definitely not my favourite language. Any suggestions for other languages that might be better? I think Java is overkill...Does HTML5 have if statements?

I would have to brush up on my PHP, but I need to do that anyway. I have midterms coming up but this is a project I could probably at least start during reading week (2 weeks from now). Any thoughts?

2011-02-09 18:15:17Online version of quiz


Hi Kate,

thanks for your feedback! I know nothing about PHP- or other website-programming so can't really help with that. One thing to keep in mind is that some questions currently have multiple correct answers, so they might need to be rephrased to also just have one correct answer. Or, the questions could have their answers either as radiobuttons if only one is correct and checkboxes for multiple correct answers (which then would still need to be counted). Not sure how much actually coding is needed for something like that.


2011-02-09 20:51:46How this would work
John Cook

I'd like to create a quiz database where authors can add questions. That way, you could keep building the quiz and possibly the online quiz picks questions at random. So the more questions, the better. Maybe the system could even store quiz results. We could have a top ten leader board, to show who gets the highest score - SkSers can start getting competitive. Perhaps the score is a function of # of correct answers and time taken. Different skill level for different questions?

I sure like to make work for myself, don't I?!

so first step, this thread hash out how the quiz might work. Then I'll build the database.

2011-02-10 05:44:51Quiz database


Here are some thoughts of what should be possible in a quiz-database:

  • Questions and answers should allow the inclusion of graphics in addition to the text (just makes it a lot more appealing) -  basically a HTML-box like we have in the blog-editor
  • Answers should either come as radiobuttons if only one answer is correct or with checkboxes if multiple answers are correct
  • For the checkboxes, the database needs to somehow include the information which boxes are correct and how many correct answers there are
  • Especially for the answer(s), it should be possible to inlcude links to either the source-material and/or further information
  • The Q&As should allow for translation (adding a language-key to the database set up might thererfore make sense). I think it would be neat if a user could select the language in which the Q&As are presented.

That's all I can think of at the moment