2011-02-07 02:10:33How did the "Monckton Myths" project go?


This is relevant to the thread in Communicating Science:


Quite a number of SkS'ers have made a strong group effort to take advantage of the BBC film on Monckton's views to publicize the flaws in his presentations and to offer correctives. It would be good to know if we had any effect.

- How many views were there to the MM page?

- Were there a significant number of comments deriving from visits to that page and to linked SkS articles?

- In other sites (both mainstream and skeptic), has there been a significant response to the BBC film and to the MM program?

- Has Monckton himself made any further comment?


It would be good to know if we are having any impact. If we want to increase our impact, we have to be able to measure it somehow.