2011-02-01 10:55:29Half a million visits in January 2011
John Cook


Web stats are in for January, SkS cracked half a million visits for the first time (511,763 to be precise):


Note: a visit is a "session" - any time someone visits the site and looks around. If they leave the site and come back at another time, that registers as a separate visit. So it's not the unique number of visitors - just how many times people have visited the site.

2011-02-01 11:11:39cool
Dana Nuccitelli
That's cool.  We just need to accelerate the rise to make it look like the global temperature graph!
2011-02-01 11:53:42Hockey stick? That's easy
John Cook


Just show a longer time frame :-)


Note - the "decline" at the end is because I plotted this graph a few days from the end of December.