2011-01-31 22:30:48My stuff-up that spoiled Dana's Lindzen post
John Cook

I was playing around with the SkS database today. There was this problem with blog posts that had been frustrating me for a while. Previously, there are only two modes - unpublished and published. When it's unpublished, only logged in authors can view the post - anyone else gets a file not found error. But this is a pain if you want to show e post to an outsider, which I needed to do today, showing Dana's post to Andrew Dessler. So I added a new mode - "embargoed". These posts don't appear on the home page. But the post is visible so you can give the direct URL to an outsider. It also has an EMBARGOED header at the top to remind people not to spread it around yet.

But SkS being hand coded by me in a somewhat ad hoc fashion, I reprogrammed it so the homepage showed published posts but not embargoed posts. Ditto for the search results. But a few hours later, James emailed me asking why Dana's 3rd Lindzen posts was in the left margin.I hurriedly recoded the elf margin, which I'd neglected before, to plug that gap.

Then tonight I was going through my twitter feed and noticed Planet 3.0 had tweeter it. Then I realized it was also in the RSS feed! Not having a good day! So I quickly set it to unpublished otherwise anyone who saw the tweet could read e post. Now ey all just get the file not found error.

So Dana, sorry about the stuff-up. It's all sorted now (I hope) and I'll try to stay on the ball next time I tweak the system :-(

2011-02-01 03:54:38no biggie
Dana Nuccitelli
No big deal.  Last night I saw it was set to published and switched it back to unpublished.  If a few people saw it, or saw the link to it, it's not the end of the world.