2011-01-30 13:52:33Volunteer to collaborate with Peter Sinclair on "they made wine in Greenland" argument
John Cook


We're now collaborating with Peter Sinclair at Climate Crock of the Week. The plan is we work together on debunking a particular argument. Then we both release at the same time, video and blog post. By combining and interlinking, the idea is to have a greater impact (and increase chances of our work going more viral) than if we just did individual efforts. Hopefully other blogs are more likely to mention the post/video if they're more of a "collaborative event" rather than a mere blog post. More bang for our buck basically.

Peter is working with Rob on a Greenland core video/blog post. In the meantime, however, he is planning to release a Crock of the Week video examining the argument "they made wine in Greenland in the past" (hence it was warm in Greenland hence current warming must be natural). So I asked if he wanted SkS to do a post on this subject too and do a dual launch. Peter responds:

  • "I would be extremely grateful for a 'wine in Greenland" post in the coming week, if anyone has their finger on some good data. I was wondering how I would be able to show that convincingly with a credible study, image or source. Am working on the vid now, so any assistance much appreciated."

So if anyone is interested in working on a rebuttal for this argument and collaborating with Peter while you do it, please say so here. You will be a part of history - the beginning of what will hopefully be a beautiful friendship :-)

2011-01-30 16:56:46idea
Robert Way

Hey John,
I don't know if I have time to participate but I would be interested in helping contribute data/an image. What sort of data do you suggest? That North Atlantic water study recently came out, that would be somewhat relevant. As would Moburg and such but if you could elaborate on what a good image would be I can get plotting :P

Robert Way
2011-01-30 18:04:17Data & papers
John Cook

Not sure what Peter is after but I imagine temperature proxies over Greenland. Anything you could post into this thread would be helpful, I imagine. I'll point Peter to this thread.
2011-01-30 18:42:52wine in Greenland?
Dana Nuccitelli
I've heard wine in England and Viking farmers in Greenland, but never wine in Greenland.  Is that supposedly a Viking thing too?
2011-01-30 21:31:55



There is a comment #34 at:


Also, I found a site related to current Greenland wine:


2011-01-31 06:35:53
Ari Jokimäki


There are quite a lot of papers dealing with the issues relating to this. this might be easier, if there would be more precise knowledge on what is needed. But here are couple of examples of papers:



2011-02-01 00:15:00thanks.


 I'm basically doing a piece that will key on Ellen Mosely Thompson's presentation at AGU last month - she had some good MWP graphs.

i'm throwing in a viking/wine joke, so want to make sure I'm basically on solid ground. 

Rob and I had a conversation last week on a Bob Carter collaboration.  Carter has basically used the Greenland GRIP core as a

global temp proxy, and bases much of his argument on it - so the idea is to be chipping away at that in a series of posts, 

and culminate with a serious takedown of Carter, which would include a comprehensive skeptical science page, and a video covering the main points.  

Rob has this so far


(Carter's widely circulated vid here


Those interested in working on this, I'd be grateful if you could keep me in the loop. 

2011-02-01 06:51:22
Paul D


Any use?