2011-01-29 21:06:32New Nature Geosciences paper on Himalayan melt
Mark Richardson

Here. The Daily Telegraph's take on it here.

The Telegraph fails to get it right, which is quite common for them. They ignore the 5 regions where most glaciers are retreating, and concentrate on the 1 where most are stable or advancing (by a ratio of 18:13). They then ignore the total change, which is net negative in all regions.



I checked through the data provided, if anyone's interested the mean change in glacier length is -10 m y-2, and the mean change in glacier area is just over -6000 m2 y-1. Total area loss for the glaciers they could measure this on is -1.6 km2. In Karakoram, the mean loss of area is closer to 3000 m2 y-1.

So pretty encouraging overall, thanks partly to Karakoram which they explain with changing precipitation patterns and help from stabilising debris elsewhere too. We can be pretty sure they'll still be there in 2035! ;)