2011-01-27 01:11:20Amazing resource of climate data
John Cook


Robert Way pointed me to this amazing resource:


It gives you access to data for many climate metrics including Sea Ice Concentration, Sea Ice Extent, Gravity Measurements, Air Temperature, Cloud Cover, Snow Cover, Heat Content, Ocean Heat Content, Tropical Cyclones, Aerosols, Vegetation Index, Drought Index, Humidity and many others. I spent an inordinate time playing with it when I should be sleeping - couldn't resist plotting GRACE gravity data.

Here's the GRACE data on land, presumably a measure of how much land ice there is:


And GRACE data on the oceans, presumably a measure of how much mass in the oceans:


Interesting stuff. Potential to mine this data for some nice Climate Graphics.

But now, off to bed!

2011-01-27 02:32:25Remember the raw data button
Robert Way

Hey all, there is a raw data button that gives you the data so you can plot yourself too. I also have an R script that takes the data and plots it as monthly data in excel and lets you use it that way. Very easy to use.

Robert Way

PS using this resource see Antarctic Ice Losses:

2011-01-27 05:40:20
Rob Painting
Wow, what a neat graph Rob. What happened to the missing bits?. 
2011-01-27 05:51:48Comment
Robert Way

The raw data doesn't have them there. They're listed as -999 so I removed them. The graph is just -60 N to -90N from 0 to 360 E. So it is the entire Antarctic Landmass. I guess at the beginning they had some data issues. I imagine the scientists who analyze it use algorithms to infill probably. Or maybe they have even more raw data. I would do the same for Greenland but the lat/longs for greenland are a little more complicated unless I want seepage from the Canadian high arctic.