2011-01-23 00:58:07New Tamino analysis removing natural cycles from temperature data
James Wight


Tamino has posted another excellent analysis removing effects such as El Nino, volcanic eruptions, and solar cycles from global temperature data. When all these effects are removed, it becomes very clear that global warming has continued unabated since 1998. Also in a followup post he also determined that in his adjusted HadCRUT dataset there was statistically significant warming since 1995 (and indeed since 2000).

I’d like to suggest modifying the 1998 rebuttal to cite Tamino’s analysis. My only reservation is it’s not peer-reviewed. What do you guys think?

2011-01-23 05:24:12comment
Robert Way

I might suggest waiting a little bit myself personally. I think he might be testing out doing the same analysis for the different hemispheres and then combining them to compare to see if it removes more signal.
2011-01-24 15:04:27
Glenn Tamblyn


This paper looks at something similar, although it doesn't deal with Solar Cycles


Interesting results on warming in the 1940's - measurement issues with old SST measuring technology. Perhaps a post combining this with Tamino