2011-01-21 17:28:49Style guide for plain english rebuttals and substitutes for technical jargon
John Cook


Okay, I should have done this a loooong time ago but I've created a new thread on the Basic Rebuttal forum that features a Style Guide for Basic Rebuttals and Technical jargon to watch out for. These are issues we all need to be considering when we're writing our rebuttals and blog posts - it's very easy to use technical jargon without even realising it, and hence our impact on the general reader is lessened. I vividly remember Steve Schneider's talk to 50 climate skeptics - the one "conversion" was when he used a very simple metaphor to explain the carbon cycle and just the increased understanding from that helped turn one person around. So while we're going up against ideology and disinformation, we need to give ourselves every advantage by ensuring our communication is as clear as possible.

So everyone, please peruse the Style Guide & Technical Guide, assimilate the info and post feedback if you have suggestions on how to improve or add to the guide.