2011-01-20 12:49:44Poster on human fingerprints
John Cook


Anna Haynes came up with a great idea (that never occurred to me but I probably should've thought of) - a poster summarising the human fingerprints. So I quickly threw together an A3 version of all the fingerprints from the Guide. I've posted a 500 pixel image below which links to a high-rez PDF version. Note - this is not the final version - would just like some feedback before posting this on the Climate Graphics page.


2011-01-20 19:26:18
Rob Painting

There's a typo in fingerprint # 5  "showst".

If this is to stand on it's own, then fingerprints #6&7 needs a little more explanation. 

2011-01-21 05:51:20Also - 11 fingerprints in "How we know" graphic, but only 7 below


...so in my best "someone else should do some more work" mode, may I suggest that the remaining fingerprints be given at least cursory treatment below.


2011-01-21 05:56:09Also, again, it needs cues for credibility assessment


Given that the best advice we can give Joe Schmoe, in assessing credibility of a climate communication source, is "whose communications is this source congruent with?" (i.e. which network of trust does it belong to), we *really* should provide some info on the poster to help Joe out; else we're wide open to the Heartland Institute doing an equal-but-opposite poster, and there'd be no way for Joe to tell which of the two was credible.


2011-01-29 05:08:14John, what's the current plan for this poster?


I'd like to get some copies printed, but if there'll be changes/improvements soon, I should probably hold off until then.