2011-01-13 01:22:29Record investment in the clean energy sector


 Just released by Bloomberg New Energy Finance.

 A few important (in my opinion) points: (emph. mine)
- China is taking the lead
- Small scale distributed generation grows more than big plants
- Investment in R&D grows

In the words of the chief executive,

"This is a spectacular result, beating previous record  investment levels by a clear margin of more than $50bn. It flies in the face of scepticism about the clean energy sector among public market investors, who have been concerned about the sustainability of subsidy programmes in Europe, the failure of the Obama administration to deliver a climate or an energy deal, and the crescendo of ill-informed doubts about climate change.
We have been saying for some time that the world needs to reach a figure of $500bn per annum investment in clean energy if we are to see carbon emissions peak by 2020. What we are seeing in these figures for the first time is that we are half-way there, and it is very good news."
Good news indeed!