2011-01-05 10:39:44Taking the "Climate Graphics" resource to the next level
John Cook


A friend from NOAA has suggested the climate graphics should go even further - make it a collective resource where anyone can upload graphics, not just me. All the graphics would be divided into categories (temperature, sea level, CO2, etc). We'll also include the ability to upload animations. The idea is to provide a resource of graphics, all under the Creative Commons License, so that climate communicators can use these graphics in presentations.

If it gets full on with lots of resources, I might add a rating system so readers can rate graphics, send the better ones to the top of the page.

Thoughts? Worth the trouble? It's hard to tell whether there would be many contributors to the resource or not.

2011-01-05 13:01:10comment
Robert Way

I believe we had a previous discussion about this sort of resource. Myself personally I am inclined to be able to contribute however the issue is that we have to be careful as to the data sources being used. If we allow the anyone to upload whatever they wish we had better have some quality control mechanisms in place to assure that we can't get zinged for having used imprecise or not up to date data.
2011-01-05 17:59:45
Rob Painting
An awesome idea, a picture being worth a thousand words and all that. Just look at the "skeptic" furore over the hockey stick for instance.