2011-01-03 19:55:55Skeptic criticism of SkS
John Cook

New blog post by a skeptic blog making "Incredibly Accurate Climate Forecast For 2011":

They make snarky predictions of what climate blogs will do in 2011. Here's what they say about SkS:

Skeptical Science will keep building climate salad surgeries to no end, sprinkling statements of various robustness with seemingly limitless references to the Literature, to be used by the lazy and most scientifically-ignorant among its readership (i.e. the journalists)

Hmm, making peer reviewed science accessible to the general public. Sounds like a good plan to me!

2011-01-04 03:21:14huh?
Dana Nuccitelli
Climate salad surgeries?  WTF is that?  Totally bizarre statement.
2011-01-04 05:58:10


At some point, it might be worthwhile to search out and attack such error-filled papers.

It would, of course, start a war. But maybe we need a war.

2011-01-04 07:07:01


Our new motto:

Skeptical Science -- Building Climate Salad Surgeries Since 2007

2011-01-04 09:04:39Where the title came from


I certainly didn't know this off the top of my head, but apparently it's from the title of an Emerson, Lake and Palmer album. It's a sneaky reference at insecurity, apparently.

2011-01-04 09:07:46
Mark Richardson

Looks like an insult on that page is a badge of intellectual success.



I would think the entire page is a joke, [URL=http://omniclimate.wordpress.com/why-agw-is-logically-impossible/]this[/URL] certainly reads like a joke. It's the sort of argument a philosopher would give to demonstrate idiocy that sounds like sense.


E.g. 'global warming can't be happening without divine intervention because it's very improbable that it would occur at a time when I am alive and the probability of my DNA structure is one in many many trillions of trillions, so AGW requires divine providence so it can't be true'.