2010-12-20 16:53:30Prediction of new skeptic argument: It's the clear stratosphere
John Cook


Jsut read this on http://spaceweather.com/

  • Earth's stratosphere is as clear as it's been in more than 50 years... This is timely and important because the state of the stratosphere affects climate; a clear stratosphere "lets the sunshine in" to warm the Earth below. At a 2008 SORCE conference Keen reported that "The lunar eclipse record indicates a clear stratosphere over the past decade, and that this has contributed about 0.2 degrees to recent warming."

I don't recall a stratosphere argument arising in 2008 but wouldn't be surprised to see someone bring up that 0.2 degrees warming in light of this new announcement.

2010-12-20 17:26:50I'm skeptical
Daniel Bailey
Daniel Bailey

Greenfyre took a look at Keen's previous work here.


Bodes ill for Keen's credibility in attempting to overturn much of physics and climate science.

2010-12-21 06:02:27brightening
Dana Nuccitelli

Isn't that the same as the global brightening argument?  There's also the fact that the volcanic forcing has been roughly zero over the past century, as shown in Meehl et al. 2004, as I mentioned in the Little Ice Age rebuttal.

But yes, there already has been one question on Yahoo Answers about the spaceweather 'clean stratosphere' article.

2010-12-22 08:12:35And here it comes...
John Cook