2010-12-15 20:57:092010 in review
Mark Richardson

I thought a couple of posts on the progress this year would be worthwhile. What would people include?



I can think of 2 themes: observations and papers.



Warmest ever temperatures recorded in 19 (or was it 17?) countries

Fastest observed mass loss in Greenland and Antarctica (I'd need to check GRACE on this)

Record minimum low Arctic ice mass, third lowest extent and the first time in human history that someone sailed around NW and NE passages in a single summer.

Highest sea levels recorded (UC Boulder satellite page)

 One of the warmest years measured (warmest in NCDC/GISTemp, statistical tie in UAH, second or third in HadCRUT, RSS)


Strange results in Europe and parts of the US with another cold snap during winter. There are papers suggesting solar activity and ozone are linked, or perhaps it's due to Arctic ice loss, or just weather...




Trenberth, Fasullo, Wong etc demolition of Lindzen & Choi plus the two latest papers on cloud feedback (Dessler and the other one) all undermining any evidence for negative feedbacks

Robust warming of the global upper ocean

Correction to ice mass losses for GPS measurements of rebound

Correction to warming of Antarctica - if correct it suggests higher ice loss (despite cooling interior)


And we should point out that the more recent papers need checking, e.g. the GPS results might be suspect because the data are so sparse. Those are the things that spring to mind to me from this year, anyway...

2010-12-16 06:04:21comment
Robert Way

Include abysmal oceanic warming paper too perhaps?
2010-12-16 06:34:56
Mark Richardson
Was it really that bad? :P
2010-12-16 09:12:17Lauer
Dana Nuccitelli

The other cloud feedback paper was Lauer et al.

We could also mention all of the investigations into Climategate vindicating the climate scientists involved.

2010-12-16 16:10:33
Rob Painting

MarkR - very funny, but I'm sure Rob meant abyssal. Snap!, on the idea too. I was thinking of something similar "2010 - Another Year of Global Warming", that would annoy the shit out of the skeptics and yet be totally accurate.

- drought in the Amazon again. Likely due to the anomalous warmth in the tropical Atlantic Ocean, lending further support to GCM projections (e.g Cox 2000), indicating "die-back" of the Amazon rainforest around mid to late 21st century due to drought induced by ocean warming.  Rio Negro at lowest ever recorded level.

- Mass coral bleaching in the Caribbean due to too warm tropical Atlantic Ocean. Mass bleaching in the Indian Ocean/south east Asia - perhaps the largest event ever recorded.

- Study (Boyce 2010) revealing the century long decline in phytoplankton (40%). Attributed to stratification of the open ocean as a result of warming. 

- No. of record cold events?.

- Russian heatwave

- Pakistan flooding 



2010-12-16 21:35:16AGU results
John Cook

There will be no shortage of results coming from the AGU, most of them sobering stuff.

I LOLed at Mark's abysmal joke.

2010-12-16 23:18:20Some more examples on Climate Progress
James Wight