2010-12-03 11:25:58Will be away over the weekend
John Cook


Am going away midday today (Friday) and will be away until Monday (family get-together). So I won't be able to publish any blog posts - if there are any posts that are considered good to go, feel free to get any of the Admin Authors (eg - Dana and Robert) to publish it for you.

Also, two recent media articles about SkS over the last few days:



I think the Yale interview is the first time I publicly mention the Forum which I have been going out of my way not to mention - a bit paranoid that a skeptic will try to infiltrate it so don't want to draw too much attention to it.


2010-12-04 17:13:32nice articles
Dana Nuccitelli

Oooh Yale media and AGU blogs - very nice.  Good interviews too, John.

If anybody needs me to publish something, you can email me at dana1981@yahoo.com.  I've been busy lately (I'm now a certified human health risk assessor), but I'll be hanging around tomorrow, if anybody needs to get a hold of me for reviewing or publishing.  I started an article last weekend that I'm going to try and finish tomorrow too, on the recent Lauer cloud feedback high sensitivity study.