2010-11-17 23:24:13David Evans = Australia's modern day Merchant of Doubt
John Cook


Gareth Renowden at Hot Topic unpacks a document skeptics distribute amongst themselves written by David Evans which advises skeptics on how to smear climate science:


Evans wants the world to send his falsehoods to politicians. The NZ C”S”C offer more from the author explaining his motivation for publishing this magnum opus.

To win the political aspect of the climate debate, we have to lower the western climate establishment’s credibility with the lay person. And this paper shows how you do it. It simply assembles the most easily understood points that show they are not to be entirely trusted, with lots of pictures and a minimum of text and details. It omits lots of relevant facts and is excruciatingly economical with words simply because the lay person has a very short attention span for climate arguments.

The strategy of the paper is to undermine the credibility of the establishment climate scientists. That’s all. There is nothing special science-wise, and there is nothing in it that most skeptics haven’t heard before. It’s aimed squarely at lay people, and answers the usual objections they have to listening to us or believing us.

In other words, it’s a straightforward smear campaign. No science involved. No reasoned argument. Pure, unadulterated PR, with lots of willing little Dewhursts out there to spread the message. One year on from the release of emails stolen from the Climatic Research Unit of the University of East Anglia, it seems that the stooges of inaction are not afraid of revealing their true face.


2010-11-20 05:06:14wow
Dana Nuccitelli

I'll say this for Evans - rarely are skeptics willing to be honest that their goal is to smear climate scientists.  Evans basically says his smear campaign is a way to get stupid people to stop trusting climate scientists.