2010-11-16 14:12:41Is there any interest in anyone reviewing a paper?
Robert Way

I am in the process of writing a paper and was wondering if anyone would be interested in reading through it and perhaps giving some pointers. Particularly with respect to the language and content of the paper. Let me know if anyone is interested.

I can be reached at :


I should note that the subject of the paper is Multi-scale climate variability in the Labrador region of Northern Canada over the past century. Not always the most exciting read but there as some parts that nerds like me find interesting. Let me know what you think?

PS I would also like to note that because i'm expected to pass back my most recent revisions to my co-author i'd prefer not to have a completely revamped paper haha...

2010-11-16 14:54:22I'll take a shot
Daniel Bailey
Daniel Bailey

Check your email in-basket for a message from me ( yooper49855@hotmail.com ).

The Yooper