2010-11-15 12:04:02Economics argument missing from argument list
James Wight


The new argument “CO2 limits will hurt the economy” is missing from the argument list (both numerical and taxonomy). “Humidity is falling” appears on the numerical list but not the taxonomy list. “CO2 only causes 35% of global warming” appears on the taxonomy list but not the numerical list.

2010-11-15 15:23:44also
Dana Nuccitelli
I believe "it's too hard" is also missing.
2010-11-15 16:03:06Problems fixed
John Cook


Just fixed it so "CO2 limits will harm economy" is now listed.

Fixed "humidity is falling", made it a sub-category of "climate sensitivity is low"

"Too hard" was already listed

We've just hit 130 skeptic arguments rebutted today :-)

2010-11-15 17:08:24Actually there’s a 131st – CO2 only causes 35% of global warming
James Wight


CO2 only causes 35% of global warming” still doesn’t appear on the numerical list.