2010-11-14 15:57:53Climategate reframe now news
John Cook


Just keeping everyone posted on recent events:

ABC News is interested in the campaign to reframe climategate on Wednesday. So I'll be talking to ABC News tomorrow about the climategate 12 month "anniversary" and the effort to reframe climategate. So a summary of activity so far:

  • BLOGGING: Climate bloggers posting about what the last 12 months since climategate have taught us. Eg:
    Fantastic summary of science results over last 12 months by Joe Romm @ Climate Progress
  • SCIENTISTS LETTER WRITING: Several scientists/professors are writing letters to newspapers (John Abraham, Scott Mandia)
  • RADIO SPOT: Steve Lewandowsky from the University of W.A. has organised a regular show on Perth radio where he and scientists from UWA talk about climate science. This week, on the actual "anniversairy day", Steve's radio spot is looking at the many independent enquiries into climatgate and how all of them have vindicated the scientists.
  • SPEAKING TOUR: Naomi Oreskes is touring Australia this week, talking Merchants of Doubt. The themes of her book (an organised campaign to cast doubt on scientific evidence and even science itself) are a good match with climategate being one of the more recent and effective episodes in this campaign.
  • VODCAST: The Climate Show, a New Zealand video podcast is interviewing Naomi Oreskes (hopefully, the scheduling is turning out to be a nightmare) and talking climategate.
  • REBUTTALS: At Skeptical Science, James has been researching the various climategate arguments, and written individual rebuttals to each one, which we plan to roll out over the week.
  • PODCAST: Dan Moutal will do a special Irregular Climate podcast: "Yes. I am hoping to get something out by next week, probably not a whole show, but at least 5-10 minutes. I think, the point I will harp on, is that bad science is not countered by stolen emails, but rather by more science. And anyone claiming that there is a massive conspiracy within mainstream science, had better be able to provide a lot more than a few emails, and anecdotes.  As Carl Sagan said; Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. So far the evidence has been anything but extraordinary."

Hopefully some more ideas will come along over the next few days. This on top of the Naomi Oreskes tour. Busy week!

2010-11-15 05:43:36
Perhaps we could make a page of links on the day showing all the activities people have been a part of? Just a thought...
2010-11-15 07:17:37Sounds good
John Cook

Kate, any plans at the Climatesight blog? :-)