2010-11-12 11:02:31A handy compilation of solution myths
John Cook


I'm not up on all the various solution arguments but this PDF seems to be a good compilation. Just marking it here for future reference:

Ten Myths of Addressing Global Warming and the Green Economy

2010-11-12 11:19:38Comment
Robert Way

I disagree with his view that going Green is more expensive. It is in the short run but I think most always the long term savings counterbalance the initial price.
2010-11-12 12:44:48I think that's the point
John Cook

I haven't read it in detail but it looks like this document is a collection of the type of common solution myths we'd need to debunk.
2010-11-13 03:47:27
Mark Richardson

Any posts should stick to evidence, not 'I disagree because I think...' etc.


In some cases, critiques are valid. Ethanol from corn is a disaster, and rooftop PV systems in the UK are disastrously expensive - we shouldn't go out with a mind that they are bad and must be debunked.

It's easy to dismiss 'it's too hard' arguments out of hand because we're used to discussing the science where we've seen the pile up of evidence and  we know that the vast majority of arguments against the consensus are ignorance or lies... but we really should stick to research in the economic arena as well.

It's complicated with many subjective interpretations. I believe SkS should aim to deliver the results of economic and impact analysis in the most impartial and accessible way possible - which I think Dana did pretty well to begin with (e.g. 'these are the figures calculated as costs, the impact costs are not included').

2010-11-13 04:01:49good point
Dana Nuccitelli

Thanks Mark.  It's a good point - there's more uncertainty regarding climate economics than climate science, for example, because of the unpredictability of human behavior.  And it's a good point that we should be careful not to gloss over drawbacks of various solutions, like solar PV not being very efficient closer to the poles, wind and solar PV not providing baseload power, etc.

The document made some valid points.