2010-10-28 16:11:06Is Steve Goddard trying to link bait us?
John Cook


Just noticed a few recent Steve Goddard posts:



The posts are so wrong, I almost wonder if he's being intentionally stupid just to goad me into rebutting him and sending more traffic his way. I've almost convinced myself it was a mistake to rebut his Arctic sea ice post in the first place, all it did was send him heaps of traffic (which he's boasted about several times). Marc Morano is lapping it up also - I love the way Morano editorialises Goddard's posts as they're not insulting enough. Eg - headlines like:

Warmist John Cook Embarrassed by his Inept Science: 'From Cook's paleoclimate graph...Climate sensitivity for a doubling of pre-industrial values (280 ppm) is therefore = -1 C'

Which basically says that Goddard misusing Moberg's graph implies I'm embarrassed by my inept science. Go figure. And this one:

Warmist John Cook's HOKEY Stick: Cook 'does climate sensitivity calculations based on bogus data from a cherry-picked hemisphere...Yes John, your 'science' makes me skeptical'

Flashback: Warmist John Cook – 'embarrassing himself'

At least Morano doesn't seem to have my email address yet - he has this charming tactic of goading his readers into sending hate emails to 'warmists'.

2010-10-28 19:53:59

Probably, and you should expect more. This is the price of the glory :)
2010-10-29 02:30:08yikes
Dana Nuccitelli

Those are some incredibly stupid articles, even by Steven Goddard standards.  I think it's safe to say he's trying to link bait us.  These are clearly not worth responding to anyway - just utter transparent stupidity.

Great to see Goddard stoop so low that he's now allies with Marc Morano.

2010-10-29 04:01:47
Rob Honeycutt



Steve Goddard is a good example of why you don't give sharp instruments to small children.  (Sorry, I just couldn't help myself.) 

2010-10-29 06:31:13Comment
Robert Way

Goddard is an example of that antagonistic guy you have all known in your life who will argue anything just for the sake of arguing and never concedes defeat. I feel like he could have his own wall of shame showing how debunked he has been. It's people like him who make me wish contraceptives were legally enforced for some families. He might be a good dad or brother/son who knows, but he does not contribute very much good to society.