2010-10-28 04:17:00Climate Progress repost of SkS Antarctic Sea Ice rebuttal
Dana Nuccitelli
Climate Progress has reposted another SkS rebuttal, this time James' Antarctic Sea Ice is Increasing basic and intermediate rebuttals.
2010-10-28 15:20:28Misattribution
James Wight

The intermediate rebuttal has been misattributed to me. I only wrote the basic rebuttal. I think John Cook wrote the intermediate.
2010-10-28 15:58:35Fixed
John Cook

Fixed the credit on that page. I like how Joe Romm structured the article - tweet -> paragraph -> basic -> intermediate. Great way to comprehensively cover the subject matter. Am also glad that all the SkS rebuttals are getting lots of "air-time" - everyone's hard work is having an impact, I think.