2010-10-27 10:40:13Invitation from Aaron Huertas from the Union of Concerned Scientists
John Cook


I've been talking to Aaron Huertas from the Union of Concerned Scientists. They've begun a forum where scientists and grad students keep an eye on skeptic online articles, post comments at these articles then discuss the issues in their private forum. It's a great forum, a lot of important work is going on there. I'm hoping when the Firefox Add-on is released, it might be a useful resource to them.

Anyway, just a pointer for anyone who didn't notice - I invited Aaron to our forum and he's posted an invitation to any scientists, PhD or grad students who'd like to be involved in this project to get in touch with him at ahuertas@ucsusa.org

2010-10-27 11:35:15Comment
Robert Way

you should ask him to post on the forum to get in contact with you if they wanna join SKS