2010-10-24 21:04:55Does anyone know where I can find data on Arctic sea ice volume?
James Wight

I can only find graphs of Arctic sea ice volume from the Polar Science Center. Does anyone know if the data is available online in numerical form?
2010-10-25 07:09:44Comment
Robert Way

I don't know where you can find the data but you could just guestimate....

And use this


Just put in the lines so you can make more accurate estimates...
2010-11-16 16:10:17FYI
Daniel Bailey
Daniel Bailey

Neven's Sea Ice blog has a ratio of area/extent (referred to as CAPIE/Compactness) to help deduce volume; discussed more here.


I don't believe the volume data gets released to the public by the Polar Science Center, U of Bremen or NSIDC as its too rudimentary as yet.  Cryosat-2 data, when released, will be the definitive word on volume for the first time.


The Yooper