2010-10-19 22:54:50Question: Could run-on sentences especially in BASIC-rebuttals be kept to a minimum?


Hi Folks,

working on the translations for - mostly - the BASIC-rebuttals and their blog-post counterparts, I regularly stumble upon run-on sentences some of which then also contain hyphenated parts. Speaking for myself I think that long run-on sentences are not just difficult to translate, they are often also difficult to understand if read just once. As far as the translations go, I often decide to break the run-on sentences into two or three separate ones but it might perhaps be a better approach if the authors did that themselves. So, this post is really just a reminder to avoid run-on sentences as much as possible to make life easier for both the translators and the readers.

Thanks for considering this and Cheers

2010-10-20 00:48:17


Could be a problem w/conjunctions not coming across properly; English is full of rules apparently intended to be broken, including the notion of what is a proper conjunction.

All the same, I'm guilty of this I'm sure.